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Virgin coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil is produced using the white kernel of the coconut through a process known as the ‘Wet Process’.

Although there are two methods of producing virgin coconut oil around the world, namely the traditional method using coconut milk and wet process extraction, Sri Lankan virgin coconut oil manufacturers follow the wet process.

During the process the kernel is scraped out, dried under the right temperature, and cooled down to the normal room temperature which is then fed to a pressing cylinder that produces colorless and odorless, pure virgin coconut oil.

The product was a recent discovery that was introduced as an alternative to the traditional coconut oil derived from copra. However, virgin coconut oil is certified and subjected for consumption as it provides its consumer with numerous health benefits.


  • Virgin Coconut Oil is rich in Lauric acid, a powerful biochemical to help boost the immune system and treat a vast range of medical conditions from common allergies to critical ailments.
  • The coconut kernel-based virgin coconut oil does a great job of keeping bacteria away from the digestive system. It contains a considerable amount of Caprylic acid which reduces harmful gut bacteria and organisms.
  • Like every other coconut kernel-based product, virgin coconut oil is rich in saturated fat, which aids weight loss. The fatty acids found in the oil do not deposit inside the body. Instead, they are sent to the liver where they are converted into energy. Therefore, virgin coconut oil can be considered as one type of oil that is safe to consume.
  • Virgin coconut oil is also a rich source of vitamin E, which promotes skin cell generation and helps to generate an anti-bacterial layer on the skin when applied externally. Therefore, it is a frequently used ingredient in the production of soaps, balms, lotions, and other cosmetics.

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