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Tender Coconut Water

Widely known as TCW, it is the liquid derived from the green-coloured tender coconut, which is yet to ripen. Coconuts usually take 10 – 12 months to fully mature.

Tender coconut water is a nutritious, wholesome beverage that first became popular among people in the tropic, who drank it to fight the heat. It is known best for its cooling properties. It is a proven Pitta Pacifier.

The electrolytes present in tender coconut water generate an osmotic pressure similar to blood. Therefore, it is also the best alternative for short-term intravenous rehydration. Coconut water producers from Sri Lanka supply bottled tender coconut water to the markets in the USA and the EU along with other value-added versions including flavoured coconut water and fizzy coconut water.


Most consumers experience some common health benefits from tender coconut water consumption.

Improves Digestive Health

Tender coconut water serves as a tonic. It contains all the nutrients necessary to fulfil a person’s daily intake. When food gets digested, the unwanted portion is passed through the bowels. When this function is hard to be performed, it is generally termed as “Constipation”. Tender coconut water can help treat this condition as it contains soluble fiber which eases up bowel movement. Regular consumption of this tender coconut water can help in avoiding any issues related to bowel movements.

Rich with Antioxidants

The unstable molecules produced in body cells during metabolism are known as free radicals. They can create stress or injury. Too many free radicals can lead to oxidative stress, which can damage cells and increase the risk of diseases.

According to studies, tender coconut water contains antioxidants that modify free radicals in a manner that can no longer cause any harm. Its nutritional components can also treat inflammation both inside and outside of the body. It can be applied to rashes on the skin to reduce inflammation.

Reduce the Risk of Kidney Stones
It is a known fact that drinking enough fluids can lower the risk of getting kidney stones. Although we can simply drink water to support this matter, coconut water consumption is identified to be a better choice. Kidney stones are formed when calcium, oxalate and other compounds combine to form crystals in urine. Tender coconut water possesses the ability to reduce free radical production in response to high oxalate levels in urine.

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