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Coir Twine & Ropes

Sri Lanka is known across the globe for the production of brown coir fibre. In its raw form, brown fibre is used extensively in numerous industries both locally and internationally. It’s favoured due to its physical properties such as length, resistance to decay, hygroscopic properties, colour & texture and mechanical properties such as elasticity, strength, torsion rigidity & elongation.

Manufactured of coir bristles extracted from Coconut fibre, coir twine is an entirely natural product that has a breaking strength of up to 100lbs depending on the thickness. Coir twine is mainly 2 ply and 3 plies with thickness ranging from 3.5mm up to 12mm depending on the application.

It’s spun from coir fibre both by hand and by spinning machines. Coir twine from Sri Lanka is in great demand owing to its attributes like optimum quality and natural properties. It’s graded according to the type of fibre used, the nature of twist and diameter, etc and widely used in various industrial and agricultural applications. Coir ropes are made of coir bristles. They are used to tether animals, secure loads and as webbing for beds.


Coir twine from Sri Lanka has a whole range of agricultural and industrial applications that include the following.

Hop Cultivation

Hop is a twining vine (Humulus lupulus). Coir twine is used for stringing Hop and other vines to train them up, which supports and allows them to gain better growth. It is a fact that usage of coir twine enhances the yield of hop fruit and relatively less labour is required to grow and guide the hop plant, as the plant itself grows along the twine aided by its hairiness.

Domestic & Horticulture industry

Coir twine in the domestic and horticulture industry has multiple uses including fence making, pot hanging, clotheslines, tying up plants and many other related applications thanks to their unique features such as high tensile strength, flexibility, low cost, and biodegradability.

Oyster and sea squirt industry

Sea pineapple is a variety of edible sea squirt which is a popular delicacy in South Korea. Commercial cultivation of these sea squirts needs a suitable medium. Aqua twine nets made in Sri Lanka serve this purpose well. Also, custom-made aqua twine nets with 90% hair removed are used to nurture the baby oysters. The number of baby oysters that can hang along per inch of hair-removed twine is significantly higher.

Matting & carpet industry

Coir twine, with its superior roller resistant properties and the ability to withstand high abrasion which drives its durability, is the perfect material for wall-to-wall floor coverings. Using coir twine for tufted and woven carpets gives a better brushing effect. Its capacity for soaking up moisture and ability to add custom colours and flexibility in blending with other natural and synthetic materials lend it a unique edge in quality and comfort.


  • Durability
  • Biodegradability
  • Flexibility
  • High Tensile
  • Strength Renewable source

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