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Coir Mats

Sri Lankan coir-based product manufacturers have been producing trendy coir mats for both export and the local markets. Coir mats and carpets are particularly important today because more and more emphasis is placed on the need for embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle or going green as it’s simply called.


  • Coir is very durable for a natural fibre mat. It’s tough and strong, and the bristles are often used to manufacture doormats. This means that coir can be used in high traffic areas where other natural fibre doormats might not hold up.
  • Unlike most natural fibre carpets, coir carpets are fairly water-resistant, so it’s widely used in doormats.
  • Coir is a natural insect repellent.
  • Coir has excellent noise insulation properties.
  • Coir mats and carpets are inexpensive compared to some natural flooring options.
  • Coir’s natural look is distinctive and beautiful, blending easily with rustic styles featuring design elements such as exposed brick or lumber.
  • Coir mats don’t require much maintenance and occasional vacuuming will suffice.
  • Coir mats and carpets are 100% biodegradable, so they won’t take up space in a landfill when you throw them away.
  • Coir production doesn’t hurt the environment the way synthetic fibre production does.
  • Coir is a renewable resource and can be made from coconuts at any stage in a palm tree’s maturity.

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