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Coir Brooms and Brushes

Sri Lankan coir manufacturers specialise in producing various types of natural coco fibre brushes and brooms with long bristle fibre produced through the Ceylon drum pair system, which gives them an edge over the other fibre manufacturers in the region.

Whereas the majority of Sri Lanka’s coco fibre product manufacturers depend on smallholders and home-based industries for procuring coir fibre, Sri Lanka’s brush manufacturers are medium-level producers employing a permanent army of workers with specialised skills in coir processing and brush manufacturing.

Today a handful of Sri Lankan brush and broom manufacturers, who have been mastering the art of producing quality natural fibre brushes with coconut and Palmyrah fibres for decades, backed by the modern carpentry units and great workmanship, have embarked on a journey to capture North American, European, Middle East and Japanese markets.

Sri Lanka produces a range of brushes for the global market including deck brush, floor brush, bannister brushes, flat brush, half-round brush, mixed fibre masonry brush, hand scrubs, bottlebrush, Tawashi brush, toilet brush, window wash brush, Tar brushes, street brush, squeegee, boot scrapers and a range of customised brushes for industrial requirements.

In addition, the country also exports a range of brooms designed for outdoor and indoor purposes to the global market.

With their production process and raw materials certified by ISO 9001, 14001 procedure, most of these producers manufacture a large range of brushes and brooms to cater to the diverse cleaning and sweeping requirements of the global market.


Although the market for brushes and brooms are largely made out of natural fibre sources such as coconut and Palmyrah, they have been under the constant threat of rapidly expanding plastic and other artificial fibre markets.

The growing concerns over the deleterious effects on the environment caused by synthetic fibres have given Sri Lanka’s natural coir broom and brush manufacturers a distinct advantage in the global brush and broom markets.

Also, coir’s eco-friendly characteristics combined with fresh and sea water-resistant qualities make it the ideal cleaning material that can be paired with any detergent or cleaning agent on any given surface or location. The fine-combed natural bristles are perfectly cut for cleaning rough or soft surfaces of grit and dirt without rough scratching or bruises and provides easy cleaning at home, garden or the workplace.

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