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Coconut Water Vinegar

There are two types of coconut-based vinegar, namely “Coconut sap vinegar” and “Coconut water vinegar”.

Sap vinegar is made using the sap taken directly from the coconut flower at the top of the coconut tree. Coconut water vinegar is made using coconut water and added sugars.

It is known to contain the same nutritional components and healing properties as coconut water. It is further used as a natural preservative and a flavouring agent in the preparation of pickles, salads, sauces, and many other condiments.

Vinegar is rich in minerals and vitamins such as beta carotene, calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium since it is naturally fermented. Still, it has to be noted that there are types of synthetic vinegar available in the market.

Therefore, the better choice is to always go with naturally fermented vinegar made in Sri Lanka to experience the nutritional benefits.


Reduces Risks of Obesity
Obesity is a chronic health problem caused by multiple endogenous and environmental factors. Excessive calorie intake from energy-dense meals is among these factors. Inflammation triggered by obesity can always lead to chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and even cancer.
Consumption of coconut water vinegar can reduce the risk of obesity. Coconut water vinegar contains acetic acid, gallic acid, and vanillic acid that promote anti-obesity, hypolipidemic, and anti-inflammatory effects. [1]

Reduce Blood Sugar Levels 
Coconut water vinegar consumption can also help lower blood sugar levels. This cause is supported by its main component, acetic acid. This benefit can be experienced at its best when vinegar is consumed with a meal.  Acetic acid further helps consumers to avoid blood sugar spikes after a carb-rich meal. This vinegar can also help treat type 2 diabetes. It supports the improvement of insulin sensitivity by 34 per cent. [2]

Helps Weight Loss 
Thanks to its major compounds, Coconut water vinegar can help its consumers lose weight. It helps to reduce hunger and feel satiated for a longer time than usual. Acetic acid helps the body to turn off fat storage genes and power up fat burning ones. It can also slow down the rate of bowel movement which also leads to feeling full.

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