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Coconut Milk

Mostly known for its wide use in the preparation of food, coconut milk from Sri Lanka is a product of the coconut kernel that enjoys a high demand in the world market. Coconut milk is produced by pressing grated fresh coconut kernel to extract its white concentrated liquid with a creamy flavor and tropical aroma.

Coconut milk is available in undiluted and diluted form in the market and is available in liquid, skimmed and spray dried powder form. Coconut skimmed milk is made by separating the fat from the extracted coconut milk through centrifugal separation. Skimmed milk is a good source of quality protein suitable for the preparation of many useful food products.

Although traditionally used in cooking, with the current global trends such as vegan & Gluten-free and Soy-free foods coconut milk has gained recent popularity as a substitute for dairy milk. Accordingly, today a wide range of flavored and unflavored drinking coconut milk is being manufactured and exported from Sri Lanka to the world. The distinct white color followed by its unique aroma and flavor has made Sri Lankan Coconut milk the most sought after in the world market.

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