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Activated Carbon

Activated carbon, sometimes called activated charcoal, is a unique adsorbent highly valued for the extremely porous structure that allows it to effectively capture and hold material. The networks of pores in activated carbons are channels created within a rigid skeleton of disordered layers of carbon atoms, linked together by chemical bonds, stacked unevenly, creating a highly porous structure of nooks, crannies, cracks and crevices between the carbon layers.

Activated carbons can be manufactured from coconut shell, peat, hard and softwood, lignite coal, bituminous coal, olive pits and various carbonaceous specialty materials. Chemical activation or high-temperature steam activation mechanisms are used in the production of activated carbons from these raw materials.

Depending on the source material, and the processing methods used to produce activated carbon, the physical and chemical properties of the end product can differ significantly. This produces a matrix of possibilities for variation in commercially produced carbons, with hundreds of varieties available. Because of this, commercially produced activated carbons are highly specialized to achieve the best results for a given application.

Widely used throughout many industries to filter out undesirable components from liquids or gases, activated carbon can be applied to numberless applications across a whole range of industries that require the removal of contaminants or undesirable materials. Sri Lanka is a leading manufacturer and supplier of activated carbon to the international markets.


Coconut shell activated carbon from Sri Lanka is mainly used in the following industries and applications:

Water Treatment

    • Wastewater treatment
    • Industrial water treatment
    • Potable water treatment
    • Ultrapure water
    • Beverage industry
    • Swimming pools and aquaria

Air/ Gas Treatment

        • Personal protection
        • Waste gas treatment
        • Solvent recovery
        • CO₂ purification
        • Sewage air treatment
        • Air filters
        • Petroleum & gas purification

Gold Recovery

        • CIP /CIL /CIC gold extraction
        • Heap leach gold extraction
        • Rare metal recovery

Food and Beverage Industry

        • Alcoholic beverages
        • Fruit juices
        • Water treatment
        • Additives & supplements
        • Edible oil purification
        • Decaffeination

Energy Storage and Specialty Applications

          • Chemical processing
          • Cigarette filters
          • Automotive Applications
          • Nuclear Applications
          • Catalytic carbon
          • Medical and pharmaceutical Application

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